Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment

The Lacuna treatment involves drilling tiny holes through the nail so that our medication can penetrate and attack the fungal infection beneath. Lacuna – ‘an unfilled space’, ‘a cavity or depression’. This relates to the nail treatment because we create small holes in the nail plate to treat the infection. Fungal infections occur when microscopic fungi enters the nail usually through trauma or micro trauma from footwear. These reproduce and spread through the nail, the fungi thrive between the toes in the moist warm environment of socks and shoes. Fungal nail infections can affect 8% of the population at any one time. They can be unsightly and patients are often embarrassed with the way they look. Your Foot Care Practitioner will discuss with you multiple treatment options including time, topical treatments and Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment. This is a relatively new treatment which is showing very positive results. The Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment will drill multiple holes across the fungal area across. Depending on patients tolerance we try to drill as much of the nail away as possible. Then spray lamisil across the nail plate and get the patient to apply this every day and return in 6 weeks for a review. Lamisil is a anti-fungal drug that is also known as terbinafine. Terbinafine works to create an imbalance in the fungal cell wall, this then causes fungal cell death so it is known as a ‘Fungicidal’ drug. To ensure this treatment works patients must apply the spray daily.

PRICE £40.00 for one nail initial treatment including Lamisil Spray. A charge of £20 per additional nail

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