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Preventing Athletes Foot

You can reduce your risk of developing athlete's foot by:

  • drying your feet gently but thoroughly after washing them, particularly the areas between your toes

  • wearing cotton socks and roomy shoes made of natural materials such as leather – this can allow your feet to "breathe"

  • wear a fresh pair of socks, tights or stockings every day

  • change your shoes every couple of days – this allows them to dry out between uses

  • not walking around barefoot in public showers and locker rooms

  • not sharing towels, socks and shoes with other people, and ensuring your towels are washed regularly

  • using talcum powder on your feet to stop them getting sweaty

  • not using moisturiser between your toes, as this can help fungi multiply

If you or your child develops athlete's foot, there's no need to stay off work or school. Follow the advice above to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others.

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