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Top Ten Footcare Tips Over 10 Days. Day 10

9. Take Care of Sweaty Feet

Sweaty and smelly feet are an embarrassing problem for many.

wear cotton socks

Your feet have a huge number of sweat glands that produce about ½ cup of sweat in normal circumstances.

Perspiration creates the perfect environment for bacteria to breed and ultimately leads to smelly feet. When dirt and sweat stay on your feet too long, they can even lead to athlete’s foot and other foot infections.

Always wear cotton socks and change your socks daily to prevent foot odor.

Avoid wearing socks made of synthetic fibers as well as excessively tight pantyhose, which trap moisture.

Keep your shoes clean to reduce odor.

Try sprinkling baby powder or talcum powder in your shoes before you put them on to help prevent sweaty odor.

Allow your feet to breathe by taking your shoes off after you get home.

Keep your toenails free from nail polish from time to time.

10. Perform Foot Self-Exam

You should always check your feet and toenails to make sure they are not showing signs of scaling, nail fungus or other infections.

perform foot self exam

While taking a shower, check your feet and toes daily for any cuts, sores, blisters, bruises, bumps or nail problems. If you notice any problem, consult a doctor and don’t attempt to self-treat painful foot woes.

As you get older, foot care becomes even more important as age takes its toll on the skin. Plus, it gets physically more difficult to reach your feet and failing eyesight makes self-exams even harder to do.

Also, people who are diabetic should take extra precautions, as they are at a higher risk of suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which can cause toe deformities, the collapse of the arch and dry skin.

Elderly and diabetic people should see a professional every six months to have their feet checked and should never ignore any kind of foot pain.

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